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The launch of the project “Kyiv Mercantile Exchange”

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The commodity exchange “Kyiv Mercantile Exchange” (KME), which implements the world standards of trade on petroleum, agricultural and chemical products markets, officially began its work in Ukraine.  New trade platform is being successfully tested since 02 October, now the service is going through the final stage of development- Internet resource is being tested and the functional of the trading platform is being deployed.

Among services offered by the exchange – implementation of the electronic flow of documents for participants of the trades, the possibility of trading via a central counterparty, as well as a double counter auction trading format- «order book”. Such service as concluding contracts in electronic form will be available for participants of the trades.

In addition, the exchange provides possibility of registering over-the-counter contracts on various markets.
KME uses risk management system DVP (delivery vs. payment), which reduces risks for both sides during operations, as KME is the third side in each transaction.

The exchange also creates the additional security of the trades at the expense of own guarantee fund. The accreditation of insurance companies, warehouses and surveyors is open.

The founders also envisage the deployment of an electronic platform, which will be built using the blockchain technologies, which indicates a high level of security. The process of infrastructure deployment will go through several stages, expanding its functional, markets and services for the participants of markets.